South Yorkshire Youth Involvement Milkshake Bar visits

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Greater Youth Involvement is a major part of the Scout Associations vision of Scouting in 2018. In South Yorkshire we have been quick to grasp this message and help our young people help shape the future. Part of this project is to find innovative and fun ways for all members of scouting to share views and make their voices heard. The Milkshake Bar is one way we hope to achieve this…..


Guest Blogger – DOMINIC MOORE


We were invited to the Penistone and Silkstone Scout Group’s “MUD CAMP” last weekend to run our Youth Involvement Milkshake bar, albeit a scaled down version.

Despite a lot of apprehension, stress and trepidation, all my own; I’m glad to say the milkshake bar went down a treat! All the young people (and adults) loved our shakes, and we got some excellent feedback on our chosen topics from the Beaver, Cub & Scout sections and also some cracking pictures. I’m really happy with how well it went, and it really demonstrated how it could be a success at other events.

Milkshake flavours included Jaffa Cake, Oreo, ice cream and jammie dodger!

I’d like to say huge thanks to the Penistone & Silkstone young leaders who were on camp; it couldn’t have run without them! The Leader team for inviting us and putting up with our loud blenders and sales pitches and lastly Susie Roach and Andy Marsden for their support.

I think this shows the milkshake bar as a whole is sustainable, and would be very successful in the future at both raising funds, and the profile of the youth involvement project.

If you would like to book the Youth Involvement Milkshake Bar for your next event please contact us via the County Office?

Dominic Moore (County Youth Rep & DNF)

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